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Content That Clicks – A Strategy Guide for Savvy Small Business Owners

Imagine your social media strategy is like your favorite coffee shop. It’s warm and welcoming, and they always know your order. That’s the vibe we’re aiming for with your content strategy—you want it to feel like you’re hanging out with your friends. Spoiler alert… social media is for being social after all. Read on for some simple tips for you to consider the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck when it comes to not knowing what to post on your socials.

Get to Know Your Social Circle

Get to know your audience and take a peek into their world—what do they love, what annoys them, what do they relate to that has them nodding along thinking ‘me too’? This inside scoop helps you serve up content that makes them feel like you’re talking directly to them. 

Set Goals for your Socials

We aren’t here to post for the sake of posting right? We want to add value, not noise. So before you even think about your next post on Instagram, think about what you’re aiming for. Is it brand awareness so people start to recognise and trust your business? Are you aiming for sales or do you want to promote that new lead magnet? Before you post, I want you to think ‘So what’, what is the point of this post?

Your Brand’s Secret Sauce

Your brand needs to have a consistent personality everywhere you go, your social media accounts, emails, blog posts…. everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have a team of people, figure out your business’s tone of voice and make sure everyone sticks to it. 

Have a Plan

Preplanning and scheduling can help you feel organised and stop the panic and overthinking of not knowing what to post. I don’t love the rigidity of ‘Motivation Monday’ and ‘Tips Tuesday’ type of plan though. A good starting point is to make sure your strategy includes 50% awareness-type content. This could look like educational content and broad tips that showcase your expertise. 30% of your content should include content that talks to the people in the ‘consideration’ phase such as testimonials and case studies. The remaining 20% is for your conversion content – direct promotion of your packages, special offers, or invitations to book a call with you for a personal consultation. Ecomm is a different story but if you’re a service provider, this is a really good breakdown.

Add a Human Touch

Don’t be afraid to include some personality and digital storytelling in your content. Your audience wants to know the person behind the business, we are pretty nosy after all. Make us care and we will want to buy from you I promise.

Skip the Overthinking

If you find yourself lost in analysis paralysis and overthinking, it’s time to streamline. Set a timer, make a decision, and trust in the plan you’ve laid out. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection.

The Art of Crafting Content

Get crafty and smart with your content creation. Reuse what works, jazz up what doesn’t, and always be on the lookout for shortcuts that keep your quality high and your time investment low. If you don’t love this part of business and feel your time is better spent elsewhere, consider outsourcing.

Make Friends With Your Tools

Make use of scheduling tools and learn how to read your analytics to plan out your week and to understand which posts are bringing in the crowds.

Keep it Fresh

In the fast-moving world of social media, staying the same means getting left behind. Regularly check in on your content’s performance, and be ready to spice things up if you notice your audience’s tastes changing.

Team Up for a Bigger Buzz

Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to. Working with a partner or bringing in a guest can add a whole new flavor to your strategy. Plus, it’s always nice to share the workload. Is there a non-competing business with a similar target market you could collaborate with? It’s a great way to tap into a new audience.

Time Management: Your Secret Ingredient

Time is like that secret ingredient that can make or break your strategy. Carve out dedicated time for content creation and stick to it like it’s the most important appointment of your day.

Join the Conversation

Remember, social media should feel like a two-way conversation, not a monologue. Talk with your audience, not at them. Their comments and feedback are like gold—listen, engage, and let them help you shape your brand.

Spotlight on Your Stars

Embrace the content your customers create. It’s genuine, it’s engaging, and it shows that your business isn’t just a business—it’s a community. If they take photos or video and tag you, share it! This is gold and helps to build trust and gives you instant social proof. Consider implementing an incentive to get your customers and clients to share user-generated content.

Keep it consistent, keep it real, and most of all, keep it fun. Your audience will thank you for it, and your brand will be better for it.

Feel like you need some more support and guidance? We got you! We offer a range of services from one-off projects through to full social media management. Get in touch here, we would love to chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I post?

  • Don’t believe the hype, you do not need to post 3 times per today. Aim for three times a week to keep your audience engaged without overwhelming yourself.

Running out of content ideas?

  • Take a peek at industry trends, ask your audience, or repurpose what’s worked before.

How do I measure success?

  • Engagement rates, follower growth, and the number of new conversations are your go-to metrics.

Negative feedback?

  • Handle it with grace and view it as a chance to improve and connect.

Same content on all platforms?

  • You can share similar themes, but tweak them to fit the platform. But we are all about repurposing content that works!

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