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How to effectively use Instagram for your small business

Are you ready to take your small business to the next level? Of course you are! And one of the best ways to do that is by utilising the power of Instagram.

First things first, make sure you have a business account. This will allow you to access valuable analytics and insights, as well as the option to run paid ads later on once your organic strategy is ticking along nicely. 

Gone are the days of needing to have a perfect-looking Instagram grid but I still think it’s important to have a cohesive aesthetic. This means sticking to your brand colours and fonts for all of your posts. I like to plan out the grid for myself and my client’s accounts before posting so I can see what it will look like. You can use a scheduler like Planoly to do this or you could set up a grid layout in Canva.

Now, let’s talk about content. The key to being successful on Instagram for your small business is by providing value to your audience. This can come in the form of educational posts, behind-the-scenes looks at your business, or highlighting customer reviews. Make sure to mix it up and keep things interesting! Don’t post for the sake of posting, we want to add value, not noise.

I am still seeing good results from hashtags and don’t believe they are dead just yet. You can use them to reach a wider audience and to connect with other businesses and potential customers in your industry. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hashtags and come up with some specific to your brand.

Speaking of connecting with others, Instagram is all about community. Make sure to engage with your followers by responding to comments and DM’s, as well as interacting with other accounts through likes and comments. Collaborating with other businesses or influencers can also be a great way to expand your reach. Social media is for being social so don’t just post and disappear. 

Instagram stories are a great way to give your audience a more personal look at your business. Use them to showcase new products, share special promotions, or give a sneak peek at what’s to come. And don’t forget about the power of Instagram Live! This is a great opportunity to connect with your audience in real-time and answer any questions they may have.

And of course, we can’t forget reels, love them or hate them they are here to stay. But don’t worry, there’s no need to learn any new dances just yet unless you want to. Ha. 

Finally, don’t forget to have fun with it! Instagram is meant to be a creative outlet, so make sure to let your personality shine through in your posts.

So go ahead, take control of your Instagram, and watch your small business soar to new heights. Just remember to keep providing value, engage with your audience, and most importantly, have fun with it!

And, if it’s all in the too-hard basket, this is quite literally my jam so why not get in touch? I can help you out with my new hashtag research service, a social media audit or you may want to look into a full-service social media management package. 

Ready to consider outsourcing? Get in touch here and we can work out the best course of action for you and your biz.

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